How to move your web to Active24 + 100 % hosting extra for free

During the transfer of websites from other company we will give you 100 % hosting extra. For example if you pay at ACTIVE 24 webhosting for one year, another year is for free.

Hint: Our specialist will gladly help you with transfer of websites from different provider of webhosting. Contact our customer support.

This article is made for transfer of web presentation. How to transfer domain from different registrator to us is described in article Domain transfer to Active24.


Choose hosting service

Based on need of your website needs choose from our offers the corresponding web hosting package.

For the most common CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) is suitable package Complete with operating system Linux.

Order of webhosting can be done directly on website of our order . During the order log in to your customer account, or you will be prompted to create a new account, where you can manage the services.

When the order is completed, you will obtain invoice on your contact e-mail. 100% free of charge entitlement can only be applied once a payment has been credited to our account, as terms of action 100% of webhosting for free.

Service creation

Webhosting services are created automatically after the payment is received on our bank account.

Within 60 minutes from creation of service you will receive creation e-mail containing access to web hosting and other important details.

If you ordered one of multi hosting packages for hosting more websites, it will be necessary to create virtual server in Customer center for chosen domain. 

To transfer websites use backup

To transfer websites it is necessary to download data from previous webhosting provider to your PC.

Log in to previous webhosting by FTP client, for example Total CommanderFilezilla and files of website download to your computer.

If you don't know login details to FTP of previous hosting, ask your previous provider, they should be able to tell them. 

If the website uses database, don't forget to export data from it. About export from database please contact your previous hosting provider.

When the data from original website are prepared, connect by FTP on new virtual server at Active24. Login details will be in creation e-mail.

If the domain is not directed on new hosting, use alternative address as host. Files of web presentation upload to folder www (or WWWRoot on Windows).

When you have data from database, you cen import them to database created at Active24. MySQL database can be imported through phpMyAdmin administration, for MSSQL database use administration on address

Editing the config file

If you use CMS for your website (Word press, Joomla, Drupal etc.), it is often necessary to modify access details to database in so called config file.

Access information to database can be found in creation e-mail, or you can set up new one.

Lower is written the location of configuration files at the most common CMS:

Wordpress – /www/wp-config.php

Joomla – /www/configuration.php

Drupal – /www/sites/default/settings.php


Check website functionality on alternative address

In creation e-mail can be found so called alternative address, which is directed on webhosting on our server and is functional even, when domain is not directed on our server.

On this address can be checked the functionality of website before the domain is directed.

NOTE: At some CMS(for example Word press)is the correct view of the pages, especially their styles, ie graphics depending on the domain name you are accessing it on. Under the alternate address, it may not be displayed correctly!


Transfer to our email service

Part of every webhosting package at Active 24 is e-mail service. If you wish to transfer your mailboxes to our company, it is first needed to create the mailboxes in Customer center in section Services/E-mails after clicking on domain name in overview.

Set up new mailboxes to your e-mail client using our detailed walk through. General information about server and port settings can be found in article DNS records and ports settings for e-mail.

Transfer of messages is possible, if you configure to Outlook (or other e-mail client) the previous and newly created mailbox. Data then can be transferred in the client itself from one account to the new one.

E-mails can also be accessed through our webmail.

NOTE: Other information about our mail solution including tips for settings and the most common problems can be found in our FAQ at category E-mail solutions.

DNS settings at domain

After the website is working on alternative address and mailboxes are prepared, there is one last step - redirecting the domain.

If the domain uses name servers of our company, you can easily set up the redirect by yourself at Customer center.

In section Services/Domains/Overview click on domain name and then on button DNS settings. For the domain to be directed to a website it is needed to set up A record or second level domain and for WWW on IP address of server, where the website is stored.

This IP address is in creation e-mail, or can be found in Customer center in virtual server detail Services/Servers and hosting

For correct functionality of e-mails you also have to change MX records, which you can find lower:

Priority      Mailserver

NOTE: DNS settings will not be seen on domain immediately, but after several hours. Between 2-24 hours the domain will be redirected and its content fully working at our company.