Domain transfer to Active 24

Transfer of domain from other registrator to ACTIVE 24, s.r.o. can be easily started from our order website after checking its availability for domain name, or from Customer center in section Services / Domains / Domain transfer.

Transfer of some TLDS can be paid depending on our current price list. You will be notified of any payment before you agree to the transfer itself.


What is needed before transferring?


Before you request a change to your domain registrar, please read the following information to avoid interrupting the domain function during conversion.


Compliance with Central Registry Rules for transfer

Every central register created for their TLDs specific rules. Before the transfer itself please check, if you comply these rules.

If you do not find the desired TLD in the following list, please contact your original domain registrator (provider) or central domain registrar to confirm whether the domain can be converted.



Auth-info code - password for domain

Authorization code for domain transfer can only be provided by the current domain registrar. This is a password that is only allowed by the domain holder on its contact email, which is maintained in the WHOIS database of the central domain registry.

If you already have auth-info code available, you can request transfer of domain through our Customer center, or by availability check of domain in our on-line order.

When you enter a transfer from your order, you will be prompted to create a new user account, or you can sign in to your existing account.

Under this account, you will be able to manage the domain after the transfer is complete and all invoices will contain the data listed in the Customer Data section.


DNS - domain redirection

The original domain registrar may disable the existing DNS after initiating the transfer, which will cause the domain and all services associated with it to stop functioning.

We recommend that the current domain provider verify that the shutdown occurs immediately, or we can ensure traffic from our DNS before domain transfer.

If you want to set up our DNS (nameservers) first, contact us using an Authorized Request.

How to transfer domain to Active24 ?


The transfer itself can be initiated in Customer center at sectioni Services / Domains / Domain transfer, where you insert domain includin TLD and continue by instructions.

If the domain requires it, you will be prompted to fill in the auth-info code and select DNS (nameservers). You will also be notified of a possible fee according to the current pricelist.

Some domain TLDs may be locked for any changes. For these domains, it is necessary for the current registrar to set a parameter that frees the domain for transfer. The domain status must be in the WHOIS database set OK, for more information read domain rules.

Domains .CO.UK and ORG.UK works with so called TAG parameter. At these domains it is necessary to set up from the current registrat new [ Tag = ASCIO ]

Other domains may require the form to be filled in, or other information or other non-standard steps, and you may be contacted back by our customer support at the contact email address of the user account from which the transfer was requested.

NOTE: The actual payment of a domain transfer fee does not guarantee a successful domain transfer. You will be contacted at the contact email address listed on the user account for the completed or aborted transfer process.