DNS records and ports settings for e-mail

If you are not using our nameservers, the automatic settings on domain can't be started. Please ask your DNS provider to make these changes:

DNS settings on domain:

MX records are the same for e-mail service Start and for Active24 E-mail.

MX records:

mx1.active24.com. (priority 10,TTL 3600)
mx2.active24.com. (priority 20,TTL 3600)

DKIM key (TXT record) - domain signature of send e-mails.

TXT record:

Name: a24._domainkey
TTL: 3600

SPF record (TXT record) - rules of send e-mail

TXT record:

Name:  @ (only domain)
TTL:   3600
Text:  v=spf1 include:spf.active24.com ~all 

CNAME and SRV records are used only for PLUS mailboxes in Active24 E-mail service. They are not needed for START emails.

CNAME record: 

Name:  autodiscover 
TTL:   3600 
Alias: email-ad.active24.com.
SRV record:

Name:     _autodiscover._tcp
TTL:      3600
Priority: 0
Value:    0
Port:     443
Destination: email-ad.active24.com

Servers and ports settings in e-mail clients:

For Start and Active24 E-mail solutions these settings of e-mail clients are used.

Incoming server: email.active24.com
Outgoing server: email.active24.com

Email connections to servers work only with encrypted connection.

Encrypted connection:

POP3: port 995, encrypted SSL/TLS
IMAP: port 993, encrypted SSL/TLS
SMTP: port 587, encryption STARTTLS or port 465, encryption SSL/TLS

Our e-mail servers work only through an encrypted connection. For outgoing e-mail there is a limit of 100 messages per hour. One message can contain max 50 MB attachment.

You can use you mailboxes in our webmail.