How to direct domain to website?

After entering the domain name into the address bar of your Web browser, the so called translation of domain name will appear in the IP address. Accordingly, for setting up the IP address (A record) ,the website will be shown.

How to direct domain on Active24 services?

If domain is using for directing our name servers and is at the time of creation not directed to other services, we'll direct the domain automatically. Otherwise it's necessary to set on domain A record to IP address of service, you want to use. List of services and their IP addresses can be found lower in this article.

Hosting - IP addresses of hosting can be found in Control panel in detail of virtual server.

Superpage - A record for chosen domain of 2. or 3. level on IP

Web forward - A record for chosen domain of 2. or 3. level on IP

Mail forward - MX record on mail 

MojeStránky - IP address can be found in Control panel in overview of service MyWebsite.

TIP: MX records of our e-mail solutions Start E-mail and Active 24 E-mail can be found in Settings of DNS records and ports for e-mails.


Directing by Web forward

Using this service you can direct domain on any website. Service can be used in case, the domain is registered at our company and you have set up our name servers and also domain is directed on IP address

When redirected, address in the browser displays the destination address, visitor of page clearly knows that he was redirected elsewhere.

Service can be easily created using our article Web forward - redirect of domain.

Using DNS records

Domain redirection can be set by separate DNS records (A, AAAA, CNAME etc.). If the domain is using our name servers, you can continue by article DNS settings.

If the domain is using name servers of different registrator, please contact them, or change DNS to our name servers.