Multihosting - Management of multihosting packages

In multi hosting package you can create more virtual servers for specific domains. Under package Firm you can create 5 virtual servers, variant Expert allows to create up to 10 virtual servers. Every virtual server created under multi hosting have parameters of Unlimited hosting, so the servers are the same as package Complete.

Sub servers created under multi hosting package are separated, every one of them has its own administration of FTP and database.

NOTE: During order, you choose the operating system that specify operating system of all sub servers you create. In package Firm - Linux can't be created Windows sub server, the same is for Expert - Windows - cannot have Linux sub server.



How to create virtual server?

After creation of multi hosting package it's also needed to create virtual server for specific domain. To add so called sub server you can anytime from control panel - procedure is the same for Linux and Windows packages. Creation of new virtual server takes up to 30 minutes.

  1. Log in to Control panel.
  2. Choose multi hosting package, where you want to create virtual server (Services/Servers and hosting/Multi hosting)
  3. In overview you can see a number of free space for hosting. Click on Create virtual server. 
  4. Fill out name of the domain of new virtual server and choose type of database, you wish to create - database can be created anytime later.
  5. Your choose of domain name and database needs to be confirmed by clicking on Create virtual server - server will start to create immediately.
  6. Within 30 minutes you will obtain confirmation of successful creation of virtual server with login information.
  7. Another virtual server can be created immediately, you don't have to wait for the previous one to create.

Detailed walk through:

  1. Using your login information log in to Control panel. Or you can ask for a new password.
  2. After you are logged in, choose multi hosting package, where you want to create virtual server (Services/Servers and hosting/Multi hosting).
  3. If you have already used the maximum amount of created virtual servers (4), you'll have to delete on of the servers (5)or increase service parameters. Otherwise you can continue by clicking on button Create virtual server (6).
  4. Fill out name of the domain for new virtual server and select type of database, you wish to connect with server. 
    NOTICE: Database can be created anytime. Under these links you can find detailed walk through for creation of MySQL or Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) databases.
  5. If you have written the name of domain correctly, after clicking on button Establish virtual server, the server will be created. Number of created virtual servers will be raised. Within 30 minutes you will obtain information about successful creation on your contact e-mail with login information.


Change of hosting package 

Change of hosting package can be started by sending authorized request Package can be changed for any hosting service on in our actual offer. The change itself is for free. 

When the package is changed to higher type of service, for example from package Firm to Expert, new invoice will be send for the price difference of both services. The price difference is always counted to expiration date of original service.