Unlimited Hosting – parameters and additional services

After signing in to the Customer Center, you can find out the parameters of the established hosting in the Services / Servers and hosting / Virtual Servers section.

We offer a range of additional services for hosting that you can easily activate (domain aliases, traffic statistics, error messages, etc.).



Overview of additional services

Each additional service varies depending on the virtual server operating system. 

For Linux servers, see the Linux server specifications article.

For Windows hosting services, see Windows Server Specifics.

Ipv6 addresses support at ACTIVE 24

From June 6, 2012 all newly created web hostings and all virtual hosts created to date which also uses ACTIVE 24 DNS services have automatically activated IPv6. Therefore there is no further action needed from the customer side to activate IPv6.

To check if there is a active IPv6 on a specific domain, look for DNS record of type AAAA, which must be set on the domain. In case of a domain that is not running on DNS servers of ACTIVE 24, it is necessary to set the record with a valid DNS administrator. You will obtain correct IPv6 address in the setup email which you will receive after creating a new hosting or you can find it anytime in the Customer Center under section Services/Hosting and Servers/Virtual Servers after clicking on the name of the specific virtual server. Here you can see the IPv4 as well as the IPv6 address of your virtual server.

If you are adding domain aliases to already existing hosting, we recommend setting up the AAAA records for the alias domain as well (or CNAME pointing to AAAA). Otherwise the new aliases will not be available through the new IPv6 protocol.

- In case you change the A record for your domain for any reason, you also need to change the AAAA record accordingly. Otherwise visitors may see other content on the site depending if they access it using the old IPv4 or new IPv6

- You can, of course, remove the "AAAA" record from DNS records to deactivate IPv6 on the domain. There should not be a real reason for such a step.
- If you remove "A" record from the domain and leave only "AAAA" record, the webpage will be unavailable for users who do not have functional IPv6 connection, which usually is not desired situation.
- Whether you are accessing the site using IPv6 you can check at the following address, where you can see your public IP address: http://active24.cz/ip/ Of course, the pages are available by default even if you do not have IPv6 functionality. Only if you have IPv6 enabled but incorrectly configured a delay of 10 seconds may occur during page load.
- For a more detailed IPv6 client-side functionality test, visit: http://www.test-ipv6.cz/index.html.en_US

Start Email solution

With each Unlimited hosting package, you have the Start Email solution that lets you set up any mailbox for your domain

The number of mailboxes is not limited, but the minimum mailbox size is set to 5MB.

If the 5GB of space wouldn't suffice to you, you can switch to the new Active24 E-mail solution at any time using our Email migration wizard.