Change of domain owner

Owner, or domain holder, is shown on central registry of domains. At most TLDs this information is public and can be found in so called WHOIS database

WHOIS database are provided by individual central registrars and information, which are in WHOIS can be different at different TLDs.

Provided, however, that the domain owner is the person or company listed on the central domain registry - it doesn't necessary means the owner of user account, where the domain is listed or it's payer.

Holder of the most domains can be changed easily in Customer center. If you don't have access to it, you can ask for change of domain holder by form.

NOTE: Change of domain holder on central register don't influence invoice information at customer account, neither it changes management of DNS records. This change can be done by moving the domain under different customer account - Change of customer account or payer of service


Change of domain holder

Changes at the most often used domains can be done electronically directly in Customer center in section Domains / Changes in the central registry. 

Fill in the domain name and choose continue, after that you can edit individual data. You can also request owner change by option Changes in central registry in left menu.

Detailed walk through:

  1. Login to Customer center.
  2. Go to Domains overview
  3. Click on the Detail of the domain.
  4. Now you want to make Changes in central registry
  5. Open editor with Change data button and make the changes.
  6. Save changes and approve them via link which is send to your WHOIS contact email.


At .CZ domains the changes are made on identificator, which can be used for more domains. Change of owner can be made by identificator change.

Change of domain holder will be done after authorization from contact e-mail address, currently mentioned on central register (WHOIS).

If the e-mail address of previous owner is unavailable, it's necessary to make change of e-mail address first by paper form (download form). 

Of the domain is in database of different registrator, or the change can't be made from customer center and you don't know what to do to change the holder information, contact us, and We'll try to help you. 

Change of holder of some domains can be paid, in case of extra fee, You'll be informed during change.

During change of owner renewal of domain name is not made.

NOTE: Owner change in database of central register (WHOIS) don't influence payer neither administrator of service in our customer database. Domain will be still managed in customer center under the same customer account.

Who is the domain owner/holder?

Current domain owner can be found in database of central register WHOIS. Every registrator of TLD has its own database, it means, that domain owner of can't be found on Eurid WHOIS, because it manages only .EU domains. 


TIP: If you are on central register as owners, but you can't access to domain administration, you can ask for domain transfer under your customer account. For more information contact us ideally by authorized request.