Customer center

The Customer center can be found at the address It is a complex administration tool, containing information about ordered services, customer information, payments, and servers.

Username and password is assigned directly after the registration of a customer account. Login information is sent only by e-mail directly after the registration form is completed. Be careful to keep this data- it is required for updating contact information in the customer database and for the authorization of all change requests.

Username and password to the control panel can't be used as a login for FTP access.

TIP: If you don't know your login information, but you have access to the contact mailbox, you can send yourself a new one. If you don't have access to the contact mailbox, it's necessary to ask for a new password by signed form.

In Control panel you can see:

  • overview of ordered services (domain, virtual server, dedicated servers)
  • overview of invoiced services (information about state of payment, option to download document in PDF format, overview of reminders)
  • option to resend reminders for payment, on-line payment of invoice
  • information about customer and billing data
  • option to update billing/contact data
  • information about upcoming news
  • option to manage mailboxes
  • current traffic information about services

Virtual servers:

  • information about parameters of virtual servers
  • information about outages
  • setting error pages
  • change of password to FTP account
  • statistics of access AWStats and Webalizer
  • periodic start of scripts - cron
  • overview of MySQL databases, password change, allow remote access from your own IP address, option to backup data
  • editing of .htaccess file


  • information about state of ordered domains
  • current information about the domain - an extract from the Whois database
  • information about DNS records settings
  • editing of DNS records
  • activation of free services (Mail forward, Web forward, Superpage)

Dedicated servers:

  • information about hardware and activated services
  • detail statistics of traffic, information about outages