Change of customer or payer

Change of customer or payer in business account is made only in customer database of Active24 company. During transfer of domain between customer accounts changes on WHOIS are not made.

Payer of service receive all information for payment and are written on invoice. Payer don't have rights to terminate services or edit its parameters.

Change can be initiated by current or future customer in Customer center. Users of both accounts have to agree with the change. Change is confirmed by confirmation form send on contact e-mails of both accounts. Every account do only one confirmation and even in case, if it's future payer and customer of services,

To start the request for change it is necessary to know domain name connected with service and UID of second account.

UID can be found in customer center in upper right corner next to Sign out button. It's written in brackets and is a lot like this - egeelhk8.


Request for change of customer or payer

Request for transfer of service between two customer accounts can be done anytime by simple guide from Customer center in section Services / Customer change.

In step Selection of new payer or customer fill out:

  • Name of domain for which the services are created. 
  • Choose services you wish to transfer (web hosting, eshop, domain etc.) 
  • Future customer, so Customer UID, where the services have to be transfered.
  • Future payer, so Customer UID, which will pay for services. If the payer is not filled, future payer will be the same as future Customer.


NOTE: During transfer of domain between customer accounts changes on WHOIS are not made. For complete change of domain holder, this change have to be requested separately as change on domain.

Why can't be invoiced services transferred?

Invoice for payment i always sent 30 days before service expiration. This time limit is necessary for enough time space to pay the invoice, enough time to receive the payment to our company and prolong the services without stopping the function of services.

The most important for payment within time limit is at domains, because its renewal is made at central registrators of TLDs. Some domains needs to be payed before expiration, otherwise the domain can be shut down

Transfer of not prolonged services under a new customer account would mean shortage of payment period and therefore endangering of classic renewal of function period of service. To transfer services without any problem in its functionality we recommend to make payment of the invoice together with transfer.

If the agreement between customers is made and the invoice is paid by new customer, after the transfer is finished, the new customer can ask for new invoice by Authorized request on contact information of new customer account. This request needs to be send as soon as possible, because billing closures are made regularly. Request for new invoice after the billing closure is made don't need to be accepted.

For services after expiration, where processes are already underway, leading to the suspension of its operation, if necessary, its total termination, it is not possible to request transfer. You must first restore the service by the original customer.