.SK domain owner identifier

Central register of .SK domains use as holder contact information the contact Identifier. Contact identifier works as owner code, which contains personal detail and one contact identifier can be used as owner or registrator at more .SK domains.


Registration of contact identifier

If you wish to change owner of .SK domain, it is necessary, that the new holder will have its own contact identifier. Contacts can't be used at more registrators at one time.

New contact identifier is also needed in case, you wish to change company or your name as owner. 

  1. Log in to Customer center.
  2. At section  Services/Domains/Registration of .CZ and .SK identifier choose register Contact and choose if you are registering contact for a physical or legal person.
  3. Fill in the required fields marked with star. Some of them may be hidden.

Detailed walk through:

  1. Using your login information login to Customer center. Or you can ask for them on this website.
  2. After login in choose at section  Services/Domains/Registration of .CZ and .SK identifier option register Contact for .SK and choose if you are registering contact for physical or legal person.
  3. Edit the pre-filled details by your own needs, the name of identifier can be changed also, but it has to be unique and inserted in capitals. Some details can be hidden and then it will not be shown in public list of WHOIS database of domain register.
  4. Identifier is registered within minute.

Default Contact ID for .SK Domain Registration

For each customer account, the default Contact ID for the SK-NIC registration authority can be set. The selected identifier will be used for each new domain registration with a .SK extension, unless otherwise specified in the order.

The identifier must be registered via Active24 and it is not possible to use the Identifier from another registrar.

If no Identifier is set for the user account, the first .SK domain registration will automatically create a new Contact ID, this new identifier will be set as the default for the next registration.

You can change the default Contact identifier at any time in the Customer Center in the Customer Data section.

WARNING: Changing the default identifier does not change the holder of the already registered domains. How to specify a Change of the .SK domain holder is described below.
  1. Log in to Customer center.
  2. At section Customer data click at option NIC.SK identifier on button edit.
  3. Enter the full contact name of the contact ID and save.
  4. Now you can make new orders of .SK domains for the entered contact identifier.

Detailed walk through:

  1. Use your login to sign in to the Customer Center. Alternatively, you can request them on this page.
  2. At section Customer data click at option NIC.SK identifier on button edit. If you don't know your identifier and you know at which domain it is mentioned, you can find it out using article How to find out contact identifier lower. Alternatively, you can create a new Identifier based on the Contact Identifier Registration article.
  3. Once you have saved the new Identifier, you can immediately order the new .SK domain to the holder's contact.

Changes of details on contact Identifier

You can electronically change the data through our Customer Center, always need to confirm the change using a validation link that is sent to the currently used contact email address listed on the Contact Identifier.


Unable to change its name or the name of the person or company. In case of this change, you must first register a new Contact ID and then make a contact change on the domain.

You can request other changes in Customer center:

  1. Log in to Customer center.
  2. In section Services/Domains/.CZ and .SK ID. registration choose .SK.
  3. Select Change on: Contact and enter full name of the contact on .SK registry.
  4. In case it is not possible to edit hidden data, You have to authorize customer account for contact adding. After You save requested changes, confirmation e-mail with link is sent to e-mail address that is currently set for the contact.
  5. Changes are done in few minutes after confirming link in the e-mail. Link is valid for 14 days.

Edit Hidden Data / Transfer Identifier

If there are hidden data on Your identifier, it is possible to edit them by authorizing customer account by link in the text above the data.

After You click on the link, e-mail will be sent to e-mail address of the identifier with link for authorizing of the adding of the identifier for the customer account.

After confirming the link, it will be possible to edit hidden data in few minutes and after re-opening the adding page.

How do I find the contact ID on the .SK domain?

You can find owner of .SK domain in database of registry via WHOIS search. It is possible to hide some data, but You can always see the basic information publicly.

  1. Visit web page of .SK registry – whois.sk-nic.sk
  2. Enter the domain name in the search field (without WWW).
  3. Identifier of the domain owner is on line with Holder.

Change of holder and administrative contact on .SK domain (exchange of Contact Identifiers)

You can request change of owner for .SK domains in Customer center in section Services/Domains/Domain overview after clicking on name of the domain and on Changes to domain.

You can change owner of administrative contact by clicking on Change owner or Change administrative contact.

On next page, You can rewrite ID of owner or admin. contact and click on Continue.

Confirmation e-mails will be sent to e-mail address of current and future owner with link to approve or deny the change of domain owner.

For admin contact change, only one confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address of domain owner.

If You do not have access to Customer center or e-mail address of domain owner is no longer accessible, You can change it by paper form.