Email migration wizard

Thanks to migration wizard we can transfer the old mailboxes including their data on new e-mail solution, where even the password for mailbox is not changed.

NOTE: Contact, spam folders or bin is not migrated. Also the inner settings of mailbox is not migrated (rules,blacklist,forwarding etc.).

In case you ordered service ACTIVE 24 E-mail on domain, where is active service Start mail, new mailboxes are not created. These services can't be used concurrently, that is why it's necessary to finish the creation of new mailboxes by Migration Wizard, which can be found in Customer center.  


  1. In Customer center at section Services/E-mail/Overview choose domain, where the service is listed as ACTIVE 24 e-mail(1).
  2. Then you can choose if you wish to migrate the mailbox content(2)or you can create new empty mailboxes(3), which will have the same name and password.
    NOTE: Contacts, Spam folder and Bin is not migrated. Also the internal rules of mailbox will not be migrated (rules, blacklist, redirection etc.).
  3. Migration is ongoing, duration is based on the amount of mailboxes and data transferred. Once the migration is completed, only the ACTIVE 24 email option remains in the domain menu, and a notification of a successful migration is sent to the contact email address listed on the user account.
    NOTICE: If you use third-party e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, make sure you have secure ports set up according to this article.