How to manage newsletters

If you distribute bulk email, we recommend using the DKIM technology that verifies domain of the sender.

Some email servers do not deliver bulk email at all unless they have DKIM signature.

To prevent domain abuse for sending spam from other servers, we recommend setting up SPF record for DNS domains, which authorizes only selected servers to allow sending mail of a given domain.

Basic rules for sending newsletters 

It is necessary to follow certain rules when sending bulk email, i.e. newsletter.

Otherwise, a server or email solution from which it originates might be suspended.

  1. Send email only to recipients which demonstrably ordered it. If the sign-up for subscription occurs by supplying an email address, this address has to be confirmed.
  2. Email text has to be clearly marked as a business communication.
  3. Email has to contain a working link for un-subscription from the newsletter.
Hint: Do not send emails to addresses which repeatedly returned an email as un-deliverable. Evaluate the success rate and the reason email was returned as un-deliverable.

What happens when the rules are not followed?

If a bulk mail does not follow the above-mentioned rules, it will be evaluated as SPAM at our end.

In such cases, sending messages from the relevant account may be blocked. In serious cases, the entire service may be suspended.

If the problem recurs, the services may be unblocked only upon remedy and paying a penalty fee of 14.39 Euro without VAT.

Options for sending bulk email

By default, the email is sent via our outgoing (SMTP) server This server is limited to 100 emails an hour.

Therefore, you can use our secondary server designed for bulk email, which has a limit of 1,000 emails an hour.

You can change the outgoing server in your email client or through a script.


SMTP Server settings:

Outgoing(SMTP) server:



- username: the whole mailbox name
- password: password to mailbox

Encrypted connection:

SMTP: port 587, encryption STARTTLS or port 465, encryption SSL/TLS


From one mailbox can be sent up to 1000 e-mails within 1 hour (with bulk mailing 1000 recipients of the message) and 500 MB of data. In case the limit is exceeded, the mailbox will be blocked for one hour.

For this time the server will return this error messageRecipient address rejected: Policy Rejection- Quota Exceeded.

TIP: We recommend that you dispense the dispenser so that these limits are not exceeded.


Through hosting server

In case, you are using Active 24 webhosting, you can send e-mail directly from server of webhosting.

Most commonly used is PHP function mail(). Official documentation for this function can be found on this website.

Even when sending via PHP you can configure our smtp server as an outgoing server, then the rules are the same as above.

It is easier to send directly through the web server:

Outgoing (SMTP) server: 

- localhost 


- No authentication is necessary when sending via a web server 

There are no limits for a maximum number of outgoing messages when they are sent via a web server. 

WARNING: When sending a bigger amount of messages all at once, they may be delayed as our admins manually check whether spam is being distributed.