Common e-mail problems (Quota exceeded, Greylisting)


Quota Exceeded

When sending an email via our outgoing email servers, you may receive an error message:

Recipient address rejected: Policy Rejection - Quota Exceeded.

A limited number of emails can be sent to our outgoing email server in an hour, an error message informs you that this limit has been exceeded. In order for the mail to be sent, you must either wait one hour or set up the outgoing server, which is intended for sending bulk messages..

Limits protect us as providers but also our customers. Viruses are spreading over the Internet, robbing passwords from email clients, which are subsequently exploited to massively spread spam / phishing messages. If a large number of spam / phishing messages pass through our servers, they could be placed on so-called blacklists, thus blocking email messages sent by our customers.

With effect from 1.6.2015, the limits are set as follows: - 100 emails / recipients per hour - 1000 emails / recipients per hour

In both cases, the extra limit of 500 megabytes of data per hour applies. Therefore, use (default) in all cases for regular mail correspondence (on both mobile and desktop clients). For bulk mail, select server The login name and password are the same in both cases..

If you are not aware of sending too much mail, it is possible that your computer is infected with the virus, and in this case, we recommend that you perform a thorough antivirus scan on all the computers where you use the email account and then change the password to the mailbox. Among other things, in this case, you may even block your email account completely due to the spread of spam, so please do not underestimate the situation.

If you send a newsletter or other pre-ordered bulk mail via your account, you need to customize your mailing to meet the limits, not to distribute all at once, but gradually after smaller doses. The second option is to send bulk mail through script within your web space, where these limits do not apply.

Grey listing - email is received with a delay

Grey listing is a spam-fighting method that can reject spam with up to 95% efficiency.

How Grey listing works?

The first attempt to deliver the email will be refused by the mail server and it will tell the sending machine to try again in a moment. The second attempt to deliver this email is then accepted. Identifying the same email is done by comparing the following three data:

  • sender address
  • recipient's address
  • server, which sends the e-mail

Tools used by spammers send mail to millions of email addresses. In the vast majority of cases, it is not possible to check in this quantity whether each sent email has been delivered properly, and so after a temporary refusal it will never attempt to deliver the email again. On the other hand, regular email servers after a temporary denial are repeated all the time until they have received confirmation that the email has been received correctly.

How is Grey listing used at ACTIVE 24?

We use Grey listing only for emails that are suspicious beforehand - so the vast majority of regular incoming emails do not pass through the grey list. If the email comes from a suspicious source (especially from abroad), it goes through grey list.

The benefits of Grey listing

A significant drop in spam received in your mailboxes, which also leads to a noticeably lower burden on our email systems and does not suffer from overloading by spamming.

Disadvantages of Grey listing
A grey list may refrain from emails if the sender writes to the addressee for the first time or after a long time (in the order of a month), or if he writes otherwise than usual. A delay in delivery may affect emails originating from abroad and usually does not exceed 10 minutes.

If you do not want your mailbox to be protected by this anti spam method, you have the option to disable grey listing through our Customer Center in the administration of individual mailboxes.