Linux server specifications

Virtual servers created on operating system Linux has different properties and services across the Windows servers, which comes from the giver platform.

Below you will find the specific features and services of the Linux solution.


CGI scripts

Usage of CGI script is only possible on servers with operating system Linux. Suppoerted are for example languages PERL, Python and Ruby.

CGI save on server to folder /www/cgi-bin/. If the script is in different folder, it has to have ending .cgi or .pl (other endings can be added by using .htaccess directive AddHandler).

File with script has to have set startup rights (for example 755).

Prior to submitting the output to the browser, the script must generate at least the output type header (classically Content-type: text / html).


Examples for each language:


    print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
    print "Hello World!";

    print "Content-type: text/html"
    print "Hello World!"

    puts "Content-Type: text/html"
    puts "Hello World!"

Own Error Logs

To view the error log of your own web server, visit the virtual server FTP in the /logs/ directory. Logs are especially useful when debugging a web application.

For all virtual servers with OS Linux, created as package Complete and/or in our multi hosting packages, is possibility of activation of this services for 30 days.

Service can be activated anytime after creation of hosting in virtual server overview. Activating and deactivating of service will be noticeable within 2 hours.

After 30 days the customer is noted about terminating of this service on contact e-mail address.

Automatic creation of 3rd order domains

Service Automatic creation of 3rd order domains and their redirection to appropriate directory is for virtual servers with OS Linux. After activation of this service is for every subdirectory in WWW root directory automatically created subdomain, which is redirected to directory of the same name.

Virtual servers on OS Windows have this function in default configuration.

If you will created directory named sell on server for domain domain.xy, the 3rd level domain will be created automatically sell.domain.xy. As soon as the new domain is written in network, it will be redirected to directory domain.xy/sell and its content will be shown.

NOTE: Automatic redirection of 3rd level domains can be in conflict with rewrite rules in .htaccess file. If you will use rewrite, or some CMS, we recommend not to activate this service.

Detailed walkt hrough:

  1. Desired subdomain redirect on server - How to set up DNS records?
  2. Set up alias on target server. You can either set up alias for specific subdomain, or use universal star symbol (*
  3. In root directory WWW create folder with the same name as desired subdomain.
  4. New subdomain will be created automatically, but it will take 2-24 hours, before the new record is written to network.
NOTE: By inserting A record for star (* you will redirect subdomains for all existing folders. b) CNAME records, if your 2nd level domain is directed on server, can be used for redirection also.