Rules of .CZ domain

The .CZ domain is a national TopLevel domain, belonging to the Czech Republic. The predecessor was the Czechoslovakian domain - .CS, which was officialy put into operation in 1992. This domain does not exist anymore today, as in 1993 the Czechoslovakian republic split and the domain transformed into 2 independent TLDs - .CZ and .SK (national domain of the Slovak republic).

Nowadays, both of these domains have different register rules and a different administrator. Due to .CZ domain rules, anyone can register this domain - an individual ,a foreign subject or a legal entity. Every interested party can register an arbitrary amount of domains.



Rules of NIC.CZ central register

The association of legal entities officialy called CZ.NIC z.s.p.o. is the administrator of the national .CZ domain. CZ.NIC has the authority to determine register rules for .CZ domains, also provides the service of root nameservers for .CZ domain and is the administrator of the national domain database. CZ.NIC also represents the .CZ TLD on the international level.

The web address of he CZ.NIC is

Domain transfer rules

You can implement the transfer according to our FAQ - domain transfer. For a proper transfer it is necessary to dispose of an auth-info code.

Domain transfer is free of charge and takes a few minutes, although it can take longer until the domain fully shows in the Customer center.

However, the technical administration does not change after transfering a domain to Active24. The transfered domain continuously uses same nameservers (DNS). To change domain nameservers to ours, follow our FAQ article- Change of nameservers on domain.

Changes on .CZ domain

The data for .CZ domains are kept in a form of an identifier, which contains information about the holder and administrative/technical contact.

For more information about editing or creating individual identifiers, visit .CZ domain owner identifier.

Nameservers  change can be made by Change of NSSET at .CZ domain.

Information about how to transfer a domain to a new holder (owner) is to be found in our FAQ article - Change of domain owner.

.CZ domain expiration

Czech national domain has a 60 days protection period after its expiration. After those 60 days it is released for next registration.

First 30 days, the domain still works properly but on the 31. day it's excluded from the DNS zone a stops functioning.

During whole 60 days it is possible to renew a domain, defraying the invoice, which can be found in the Customer center in the Orders and payments / Payments section.