Rules of GTLDs (.com, .info, .biz, .name etc.)

Rules of GTLDs, domains with TLDs NAME, BIZ, COM, INFO, MOBI, NET and ORG.


Rules of central register ICANN.ORG

Registration and renewal prices of domains can be found in pricelist.
Price for renewal of domain within 30 days after autorenew grace period (quarantine) for gTLD domain can be found in pricelist.

E-mail verification of holder

According to the current rules of ICANN (administrator of GTLDs): during the registration, holder change, changes of the holder information, and domain transfers, the contact e-mail address must be verified within 14 days

The verification e-mail with a link is sent to this address. This link is directed to domain, which is managed by the company ASCIO TECHNOLOGIES, where the verification is made.

After clicking on this link, the e-mail address is verified. Verification is valid for future domain registrations and it's not necessary to repeat this action.

Important note: In case verification is not done, the domain is terminated and with it all the services for the domain.
  • If the e-mail address is not verified, any changes to the domain are prohibited.
  • In case of registration, a domain is registered with default nameservers and until e-mail verification the domain will not work on preferred nameservers.
  • During verification for a change of holder, change of holder information, or transfer, the domain will work from 14 days after the change. If the verification is not made, the domain will be set on default nameservers and will no longer be working.

If the request for verification has expired (after 14 days), you must ask for the domain to be set to a working state by Authorized request.

Transfer confirmation

According to central register rules - ICANN (administrator of GTLDs) during the transfer verification must be done through the contact e-mail of the domain holder, where the message including link for confirmation was sent.

This message is sent after the payment for transfer is made, and verification has to be confirmed within 14 days - otherwise the transfer is automatically denied.

For transfer confirmation 2 reminders are sent: one week before expiration of the request and one day before expiration.

GTLD quarantine withdrawal

GTLDs have after expiration in total of 60 days of redemption period, before it is released for someone to register.

On the first day after expiration, the domain is removed from the DNS zone and stops working. However, the quarantine is displayed until the 31st day after expiration.
For the next 30 days, you can request extraction from quarantine, which is charged by TLD, more in the domain expiration article.
For more information, please refer to the ICANN Domain Registry Central Site in the Expired Registration Recovery Policy article.