Rules of EURID central register

You can find rules of .EU domain on the webpage of the central register Eurid

Registration rules for .EU domains

Notice: Your domain will automatically transfer to an IDN form when ordering it with diacritics. The domain will also be in this form in the paymennt request in the Customer center.
  • Registration rules for .EU domains.
  • Since 10.12.2009 the central register EURID is permitting to register domains with diacritics of all languages used in the European Union.
  • Only a citizen or a company with a residence in the European Union can register a .EU domain.
  • Overview of language sets can be found on the EURID company website.

.EU domain transfer

To transfer a .EU domain go to the Customer center, further to the Services / Domains / Domain transfer sectionInsert the domain name here, including the end cap, and follow the instructions listed on the next page.

The authorization of changes is always based on a AuthInfo code, which will be send to your mailbox from the central register upon asking your current registrar. If your registrar does not communicate with you, it is possible to ask for authinfo through the EURID central register in urgent need.

The transfer of a .EU domain is charged according to the current price list and it is also possible to change DNS servers and the holder. A successfull transfer of a domain will lead to extension of the domain for the next 12 month period.

The realization of the transfer to ACTIVE24 itself will take part after the charge has been paid.

Removal of a .EU domain from quarantine

A .EU domain can be renewed in 40 days after its date of expiration.  If a domain has not been paid until its date of expiration, a annulment request is send to the central register..

The renewal of a .EU domain is charged for 25,14 €.

Domains with an .EU end cap have a negative treshold, so the payment for their extension must be credited to our bank account 6 days before the expiring date at the latest. If the domain is paid later, the domain is going to be send into quarantine on expiration day and the charge for its extension will be returned to you.

You can transfer a domain to ACTIVE24 even if its in quarantine and registred at a different company at the same time. The possibility to renew a domain in 40 days after its expiration also applies here.

A renewal of a domain, which is transfered to our company from a different registrar,is charged with 25,14€.

new 12 month period is starting at the day of removing a .EU domain from quarantine.

A request for removing a domain from quarantine is usually being send to the central register on a working day, after recieving the payment on our bank account.

The removal of a domain from quarantine by the central register itself will usually take place in 24 hours after a request has been send.