Webforward - redirect of domain

Using this service you can redirect your domain on any website you want. Service can be used in case the domain is registered at our company and is using our nameservers and your domain is directed on IP address During redirect in the browser address will be shown the domain you are directing to, so the user will know he is being redirected.

Webforward does not support the redirect for the https:// at the beginning of the URL, for example https://domeny.cz - in this case the Webforward service would not work. If you / your browser uses (as an example) http://domeny.cz then Webforward works.

How to activate Webforward?

  1. Log in to control panel.
  2. Select domain (Services / Domains / Domain overview).
  3. Domain or subdomain must be directed on ( DNS settings).
  4. In domain detail click on Webforward option.
  5. Create service (activation can take up to 60 minutes, you will be informed about successful creation by e-mail).
  6. To URL field fill out the address on which you want you domain to be redirected (http://somewhere.com/main). 

Detailed walkthrough:

  1. Using your login details log in to Control panel. Otherwise you can ask for them here.
  2. After you are logged in, select domain, for which you want to activate the service (Services / Domains / Domain overview).
  3. Choose DNS administration and check where the domain is directed. Domains after registration at our company are automatically directed on this IP address.
  4. If the domain is directed elsewhere you can edit A record of the domain by clicking on the edit button. When editing you have to change IP address on Make changes on every domain and subdomain that are supposed to be using the redirection. New settings will be active to 24 hours after saving.
  5. When the domain is directed correctly you only have to activate the service. Go back to Domain overview and click on Webforward service. Here you only have to click on Create and wait a little before the service is created. Activation can take up to 60 minutes, you will be informed about successful creation by e-mail.
  6. You will now the service is ready by the green check sign. Now you have to click on Webforward again and set up the adress on which the domain has to be directed (for example: http://elsewhere.cz/main).
  7. Confirm redirecting by clickin on Set button. Changes can be seen up to 24 hours.