DNS Security (DNSSEC)

This is a secure version of DNS records for domains. which reduces the risk of abuse.

With a domain set up in this way, you will be more confident that when you enter it into your web browser, the content of the pages of the desired domain will actually be displayed.
With DNSSEC you reduce the risk:

  •     misuse of your email accounts
  •     Bypassing anti-spam protection when checking DNS
  •     disclosure of sensitive data (access passwords, credit card details, etc.)
  •     attack on the content of your website

How to set DNSSEC for .CZ domains?

DNSSEC is available for FREE when registering a new .CZ domain during the order process.

DNSSEC for an already registered domain that operates on ACTIVE 24 DNS servers can be activated in the Customer Center under Services / Domains / Domain Overview by clicking on the domain name.

In the domain details, click on the DNSSEC panel under Domain Services. You can use the same procedure to deactivate this service.

You can activate DNSSEC for an already registered domain that operates on Your own DNS servers via the Customer Service Centre.

You must first create a KEYSET object in the Customer Center and then assign the KEYSET to the domain in the domain editor.

For more information about DNSSEC technology, please visit the CZ NIC website.

Supported KEYSET encryption algorithms:

Elliptic Curve
GOST R 34.10-2001
Private DNS
Private OID

How to DNSSEC .SK domains?

DNSSEC is activated automatically for .SK domains if the domain is registered with our company and has our DNS servers.

DNSSEC activation occurs when registering, transferring or changing DNS servers to Active24 servers for an already registered domain that has not had our nameservers yet.

In case you wish to activate DNSSEC for a .SK domain that does not use our company's DNS servers, you need to obtain the data for Keytag, Algorithm, Digest and Digest type from the DNS server administrator of your domain. Then send this information to our support with an Authorized Request from the Customer Center and we will set up DNSSEC for you.

In case you wish to deactivate DNSSEC on your domain, please contact our Customer Support.