Mailforward - redirect of e-mails

Mail forward function works like domain basket. All e-mails send on @domain will be resend on chosen e-mail address. For domain, where you activate Mailforward, are not created any mailboxes, everything will be redirected.

Service can be used only in case, that the domain is registered at our company and you are using our name servers on it. Domain also have to use special MX records used only for Mail forward:

How to start Mailforward?

  1. Log in to Control Panel.
  2. Select domain  (Services/Domains/Domain overview).
  3. Domain or subdomain have to use MX​​​.with the lowest priority. (DNS records settings).
  4. In domain detail click on Mailforward option. 
  5. Activate the service (activation can take up to 60 minutes. After successful creation you will be contacted by e-mail).
  6. To E-mail field fill out address on which you want to have the e-mails resend (mailbox@domain.xy).


Detailed walkthrough:

  1. Log in to Control panel. You can ask for them on this website. 
  2. After you are logged in, select domain for which you want to activate the service (Services/Domains/Domain overview). 
  3. Choose DNS administration and check, where the domain is directed. Domains after registration are not using any MX records, so it's necessary to add them.
  4. If the domain is using different MX records, you can edit them by clicking on edit button. In both cases set up only one MX record with mailserver​​​. Priority is mandatory, if you set up only one record, it's not so important - on the end of the record don't forget about the dot. Other MX records can be deleted. Change will be working up to 24 hours.
  5. When the domain is directed correctly you only have to activate the service. Go back to Domain detail and click on Mailforward service. Here you only have to click on Activate Mailforward button and wait for a moment, before the service is created. Activation can take up to 60 minutes. When the service is successfully created you'll be informed by e-mail.
  6. You will now the service is ready by the green check sign. Now you only have to click on Mailforward again and set up e-mail address where the e-mail messages should be send. (for example: mailbox@domain.xy).
  7. Confirm redirection by clicking on button Set. Changes will take effect within 24 hours.