Superpage - your web business card

For every domain at ACTIVE 24 you can activate your own web business card for free - Superpage, that allows connection with your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Picasa, with blog and other services. 



How to activate Superpage?

  1. Log in to Control panel.
  2. Go to section Services/Domains/Domain overview.
  3. Select domain on which you want to activate Superpage.
  4. In domain detail click on Superpage option.
  5. Activate Superpage on domain or sub domain using button .Create.
  6. Confirmation of successful activation of Superpage will be delivered on your contact e-mail.

 NOTE: Option to activate Superpage can be in Control panel possible up to 1 hour after domain registration, when the DNS records are updated.

Detailed walk through:

  1. Using your login details log in to Control panel. Otherwise you can ask for them here. 
  2. When you are logged in choose the domain for which you want to activate the service (Services/Domains/Domain overview). 
  3. In the part Services of Domain find option Superpage.  After click in Superpage choose the button.Create.
  4. In this step you choose on which domain (internet address) will the Superpage be shown. If you have chosen to use only Superpage, we recommend to choose in  Location the first option (domena.xy and www. domena.xy), otherwise you can use subdomain, for example superpage.domena.xy. If you choose at DNS records the option Rewrite, the requited domain records will be set automatically. IP address of service Superpage is always Once you are satisfied with the selection of settings, you can .Create the Superpage.
  5. You will now the service is ready by the green check sign. To create your own content, simply log into the interface of Superpage. If you are not sure of your Superpage location, you can click on the service in the detail of domain. You can find out How to edit superpage in the next part of this article.


How to edit Superpage?

Walk through for editing of content and appearance of Superpage is very simple and intuitive. Content of Superpage can be changed anytime. You can inspire yourself in our Superpage gallery. 

First you need Log in to Superpage. To your browser write the domain name you chose for your Superpage and click in upper right corner on link Log in. Login details were send to your contact e-mail after service creation. 
  • Write something about yourself:  Click on pencil symbol About me and insert your name, motto, professional experience, hobbies etc. Another useful tips and tricks can be found on blog of Superpage. Connect your online profiles:  Click on pencil symbol Services and choose the online services you want to connect with your Superpage. For example after connection with Facebook on Superpage will be shown public messages from your wall directly. You can add and remove profiles as you wish. 
  • Show what is typical for you:  Using options Links and I support
    you can insert links on websites you are watching, music you listen to, books you love to read and games you play to spend your time etc.
  • Doporučené rozměry obrázku na pozadí:  1920 x 1080 px  
    Minimální rozměry obrázku na pozadí:   1024 x 768 px

How can my friends know about my Superpage? 

  • They can insert your name to any search engine, Superpage will be in the top lists thanks to high relevancy on search engines like Google.
  • Domain (internet address) can be presented on your business card.
  • Address of your Superpage can be easily remembered if you chose simple and accurate domain.

How to extend access key for connection to Facebook?

In case you have your Superpage connected to Facebook it's necessary to renew the access key, the Superpage use for connection to Facebook, once in 2 months. You will be informed on your e-mail about access key expiration - the e-mail will contain link to extend the key. The same option to prolong the key is also in Superpage interface. If the key is not extended even on the link, we recommend this walk through:

  1.  Log out from Facebook.
  2.  Log in to your Facebook account again.
  3.  Log in to Superpage interface - insert domain name to your internet browser, and click in the right upper corner on Log in.
  4.  In Superpage interface connect your Facebook profile again - more information can be found on blog of Superpage.

How to terminate Superpage?

The domain itself is not connected with Superpage service, so even after terminating Superpage you can use your domain. On your domain you can create other services, like your own e-mail, e-shop, My Website, more complex web presentation etc. If you are interested you can read our offer. 

  1. Log In to Control Panel.
  2. Go to Services/Domains/Domain overview
  3. Choose domain, where Superpage is running.
  4. In detail of domain click on Superpage option.
  5. Click on button Delete.
  6. Domain will be still pointed on IP address of the server for Superpage - IP, the original content of Superpage will not be shown.