Turbo hosting

TURBO hosting is an extension service to our Linux shared hosting and helps your website to load faster. Website with activated TURBO hosting are hosted on a special server with lower aggregation which allows you to use more system resources.

We also install a WordPress plugin better caching and loading of your website if it’s run on WordPress.

TURBO hosting is available for Linux shared hosting only and cannot be activated for Start package.


How to activate TURBO hosting

NOTE: TURBO hosting is created after the payment and is supported only for PHP 5.6 and 7.x.

If you don’t have any webhosting yet you can order a new Complete package with TURBO extension. 

To activate TURBO hosting for an existing virtual server please go to Customer center or contact our support.

There is an activation button in the detail of your virtual server in Customer center. We will send you a pro forma invoice after you confirm the activation. When the payment is done we will move your hosting to a server for faster websites. There will be no outage during this process.

Once the website is moved, IP address of the server is changed too so the domain settings needes to be changed. If your domai is managed under the same account as your webhosting, we set your domain automatically. Otherwise we will send you instructions for correct DNS settings.

How to terminate TURBO hosting

There is a deactivation button in the server settings in Customer center. Use this button to terminate TURBO hosting.

With termination of this service your website is moved to a standard shared server with more users. There is no website outage during this process but DNS records of your domain need to be changed.