WordPress - domain change

When logging in to the Word press administration system, the domain routing is checked. Therefore, if the domain is routed to another server, logging in to the administration system fails and it is necessary to set an alternative address of a new server for Word press. You can look up the alternative address of your hosting in the Customer center.

This procedure can also be used when changing the domain used. The change can be made anytime - it does not concern only the fresh installation of the content management system. The change does not affect the functionality of the website.

  1. Log in to a database of a hosting with Word press installed on it.
  2. Find menu wp_options.
  3. In this table, set values for siteurl and home so that lines option_value in both contain the alternative address of hosting.
  4. Confirm the change by clicking on Submit, new settings will take place immediately.

Detailed instructions:

For a change of domain to happen, it is necessary to have access to the database that Word press is currently using. Information details can be found in the welcome email regarding the installation of a service on a domain. The email contains Username and password to access the database.

If you cannot access the welcome email, you can find your login details in file wp-config.php on FTP. You can find this file in folder WWW.

  1. Use these credentials to log in to the MySQL database.
  2. In the database, go to the wp_options menu and find items siteurl and home.
  3. Click on edit and change the domain. The format of our alternative addresses is 
    NOTE: You can find the alternative address of your hosting in your welcome mail or in the customer center, under section Services/Hosting and servers/Virtual servers, in detail of the virtual server.
  4. Changes take place immediately after clicking the Submit button. Logging in to administration is now set to the new address.
    (e.g. http://www.test-domain.com.uvirt64.active24.cz/wp-login.php).