One click instalation (WordPress, Joomla, ..)

On hosting packages Complet, Firm and Expert with operating system Linux you can  user easy installation of popular CMS

Currently we offer to install from Customer center: Joomla, Drupal, Word press, phpBB and osCommerce.

What is needed for own installation?


NOTE: For CMS installed by service One click installation we do not offer technical support. Offered CMS have strong base of users, which are constantly creating walk through.
  1. Log in to Customer center.
  2. Choose hosting,where you wish to install the CMS (Service/Servers and hosting/Details). 
  3. At option (One click installation) click on Enter.
  4. Choose CMS and click on Install.
  5. Log in details will be send within several minutes on contact e-mail.


Detailed walk through:

  1. Using your login information log in to Customer center. Or you can ask for a new password.
  2. After you are logged in, choose virtual server, where you wish to install the CMS (Service/Servers and hosting/Details).
  3. First check if you have created MySQL database. If you do not, you can create new one.
  4. In detail of server click at last option (One click installation) on button Enter.
  5. Choose CMS and on the same line choose Install.
  6. Installation will occur within few minutes. Login details for CMS are send always on contact e-mail of your customer account.