Payment methods

Due to the use of email as the main communication channel, and especially for maintaining security, it is very important to maintain your current contact information in your user account.

NOTE: You can change your billing and contact information in accordance with this article.


Payment options

On-line payment by card

The payment is made in real time, the information about the result is displayed to the client on the screen. The advantage is the client's certainty that there will be no unnecessary delay between the order and activation of the service!

GP webpay (formerly PayMUZO) is a gateway that allows payments by MasterCard and VISA bank cards for on-line transactions. The card issuer (your bank) must allow payment on the Internet. Some banks issue special virtual (3D) i-cards for these purposes. For more information, contact your bank.

Bank transfer

The payment instructions are displayed to the client, and a payment request is sent by e-mail. For payment, you need to provide a variable symbol that we send along with the order confirmation.

Our bank account number for Raiffeisenbank is 34175028/5500.

The variable symbol is for a specific order only. Upon another order or renewal service, a new payment request is always generated with a new variable symbol. It can not be used for a permanent (regular) command..

By deposit on Raiffeisenbank account

Services can also be paid directly at the bank branch. This is the same as for bank transfer. After card payment it is the fastest way to pay for services


Payment details Active24 s.r.o

Company name        ACTIVE 24, s.r.o
Company address     Sokolovská 394/17, 186 00 Praha 8
CO number           25115804
VAT                 CZ25115804
Bank account        Raiffeisenbank a.s. 34175028/5500
IBAN                CZ6155000000000034175028
Bank address CZ     Olbrachtova 9, 140 21 Praha 4, Czech Republic

Check of payment

After signing in to the Customer Center, the client has the option to:

  • keep track of the payment status of the ordered services
  • the history of all invoices and issued tax documents, ie you can download all of these documents yourself, respectively. print
  • Make changes to contact and billing information


I did not received a payment or tax receipt

The complete history of tax documents and invoices, including information about their status, due date, amount and payment options, can be found in our Customer Center where, after logging in with your login information, go to the Orders & Payments / Payments section.

PDF documents can be printed or saved on your computer at the Customer Center.

We only send tax documents to an email address that is listed as a contact with a customer account.

Re-generation of invoice - change of invoiced services

If you would like to change or terminate some of the services listed on the invoice, please contact us by Authorized Request.


In the "The request applies to" section, select "Billing and Payments," and write down in the message what specific services you are still interested in and which to change or terminate and at what date. We will send you a new payment or invoice request to your contact e-mail address.