Rules of .DE domain

You can find rules of .DE domains on the Website of the German central register



Registering a .DE domain

During the registration it is required to state a German administrative contact in a format of our customer account code (f.e.: egeelhk8).

NOTE: To register a German domain, it is necessary to state German contact information. Without them, it is impossible to register a domain.

You can register a new customer account with German contact information here. It has to contain the following data:

  • German contact person
  • German company (only if the holder of the domain is a legal entity)
  • German postal address
  • German phone number
  • Email address (does not have to be German)
  • Domain is going to be registred with our DNS, in case you want to use other DNS, state them in an email


If you don't dispose of a German administrative contact, you can order a .DE domain in our representation sending us a authorized request.


Transfer of a .DE domain  

To transfer a .DE domain you need to obtain Authinfo from the current registrar. The holder or administrative contact can ask for a transfer. There can't be made any changes on Whois during the transfer, otherwise the transfer is going to be rejected automatically.

To initiate a transfer, please send us a authorized request.

In the body of the message, state the domain name, customer code, which contains german contact information, that are same on the central register for this domain and an information, what DNS you want to use after the transfer. The contact information of the holder have to be 100% same with the current data. If you don't dispose of an customer account, that fulfills this, you will need to register a new one.

A transfer of a .DE domain is only possible, if there is a german holder or administrative contact on WHOis. If your domain is on TRUSTEE of any other registrar, you will need to change this contact to an individual living in Germany.

After creating the order and stating agreement with the transaction charge, we will send you a summary and an invoice to your email.

Domain transfer is charged same as a domain registration and the payment will be used for extending a domain for the next payment period. The request for a transfer to ACTIVE24 will be send after we receive a payment.

Expiration of a .DE domain

German national domains are put into quarantine at the day of expiration and it is not possible to renew them with former conditions. A domain is not functional in this state.

Protection period lasts approx. 60 days since expiration date and to renew a domain and its function you will need to pay a charge for removing a domain from quarantine.